Insurance Claims and Valuation

Expert advice is essential if you suspect that a structural defect is developing in your home or business premises, or if you need to pursue an INSURANCE CLAIM.
At this stressful time, Davis Blackburn will relieve you of time consuming negotiations with your insurance company, builders and tradesmen and protect your interest by assuming overall control of the situation on your behalf. We are skilled at identifying and assessing structural problems and in negotiation with insurance companies, builders and sub-contractors, and will:

  • assess and report on the damage
  • enter into negotiations with your Insurers
  • prepare any necessary designs
  • organise and supervise the work on site

Furthermore, Insurance Companies have long ago recognised the value of working with professionals and the cost of our services are usually covered by your Policy. So why not take advantage of this and let us ease your return to normality.
Insurance Companies will only cover the full cost of repair and reinstatement of a fully insured property, however, so if you are in any doubt about the level of your present cover, we can reassure you with an up-to-date INSURANCE VALUATION.

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