Why have a survey ?

Everybody knows that buying property is the most expensive purchase most people are likely to make, but many people take more specialist advice when buying a car or even a washing machine than with their own home or workplace.
We look for cars to have an MoT or warranty, in shops we know we can take things back if they’re not right. But with a building there is no guarantee: “buyer beware” as the saying goes.
We say “if it’s been there for this long it must be okay”, but at some point maintenance can be neglected and big problems can occur. Whether old or new, any property can have suffered from poor workmanship, or be subject to poor DIY. Would you know if the work complies with the current regulations, or if the wall they removed was load-bearing?
For peace of mind, avoiding foreseeable problems or just to know the potential cost of putting the problems right before you agree the price; ask an independent Chartered Building Surveyor. Davis Blackburn, established in the South West for over 25 years are ideally placed to offer surveys and advice on defects at any kind of property, and can prepare a survey or report tailored to your requirements.

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